Codigos De Milonga


– In the dance hall – In the dance-hall is suggested not to speak loud, to avoid disturbing the music and the dancers. The invitation to dance is done by “mirada” (sight exchange between woman and man) and “cabeceo” (small nod of the lady who accepts the invitation), from your spot, without going in front of the lady. The gentleman does not insist with the “mirada” if the lady doesn’t return it.
– On the dance floor – When stepping on the dance-floor, be aware not to disturb the couples who are already on. You dance moving forwards and counter-clockwise, in concentric circles, without changing lane. So please don’t surpass other couples; in case it is necessary, you have to do it on the left side of the couple in front. The most expert dancers should use the external lane, while the others should use the more internal ones. The right distance to keep from the couple preceding is responsibility of the leader behind. If accidentally two couples should hit each other, the man will beg pardon to the other couple, the cause is not important. Between the music-pieces, the couple releases the embrace and can kindly chat for a moment. Please do not talk during the dancing. At the end of the “tanda” the gentleman escorts the lady to her table. Between “tandas” the dance-floor must be cleared totally.
– The dancing – The length of steps and figures should be proportionate to the free space on the dance-floor, to avoid hitting or disturbing the other couples. The left elbow of the man should be directed to the floor. High “boleos”, external “ganchos” and figures which require a lot of space are to be avoided. It is the duty of the man to lead the dance according to the woman’s dance skills.